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Welcome to Tristan Equipment Supply Pte Ltd, your source for heavy equipment machinery parts.

We offer genuine, affordable, top quality parts for all types of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment typically refers to industrial size equipment used by companies involved in industries like infrastructure construction, agriculture, forestry, mining and marine sectors. Some examples of heavy equipment pieces and parts include tractors, trailers, excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders, and many more.

Tristan Equipment Supply is a one-stop supplier of heavy equipment parts and components of established brands like Caterpillar, Hitachi, Nissan, Toyota, Cummins and John Deere.

We have warehousing facilities located in West Park BizCentral where we are able to provide total service support to our customers effectively and efficiently anywhere in Singapore and the surrounding regions. This would lower your cost as it is a one-stop centre for delivery and shipping.

Look no further, if you want to order heavy equipment parts for your company, contact Tristan Equipment Supply for your equipment parts requirements today!

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