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Toyota Parts Singapore

The range of Toyota parts in Singapore as follows:

Land Cruiser: oil pressure switch, strut mount, fuel injector, rubber mount, brake pads, shock absorber, ball joints air filter .

Hilux: wheel spacers, air filters, cam belt, fan belts, pitman arm, drag links, steering damper, steering box. Swivel hub bearings, axle dust seals, front downpipe, and rear silencer.

Rav4:  catalytic converter, spark plugs, air filters, brake pads, brake hose, radiators, shift knobs, oil filters, fans, mufflers, stant thermostats, water pumps.

Harrier: oil filters, air filters, timing belt, brake pads, rear axles, bolt kits, spark plugs.

Prado: stabilizer link rods, leaf spring, axles, brake pads, mufflers, outer c.v joint, fuel injector nozzle, radiators. 

Toyota products range

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