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Assured Delivery by Tristan Equipment

Assurance is a strong word but one that must be used when dealing with heavy construction equipment. Considering the significant investment you need to get your hands on the equipment, you need to be assured that it will be reliable equipment such as Hitachi construction machinery by Tristan Equipment will be delivered on time, in excellent condition, and it will work as expected.

If a supplier cannot guarantee all these and more, you need to start moving on to someone else who can actually does it. In this business, it is either you have the capability and ability to work on what is required, or you don’t, there is certainly no in-between. And one company that has a track record of actually doing it and doing it right is Tristan Equipment.

Tristan Equipment and Hitachi Construction Machinery Singapore

Tristan Equipment supply Hitachi goes back for almost a decade. It has been a journey that has brought success to many projects that are worth substantial amounts. In Singapore and the regional countries, Tristan Equipment has successfully delivered heavy construction equipment to many of the major construction companies involved in government and private developments.

A common response given by these companies as to why they have chosen Tristan Equipment as their supplier is the speedy delivery they are assured of when working with this particular company. Guaranteed supply of spare parts and technical support are other reasons for the company’s popularity as a construction equipment supplier.

Why Is Fast Delivery Of Hitachi Construction Equipment Singapore Important?

On constructions projects of any scale, time is literally money. A day lost translates to thousands of dollars in losses. Tristan Equipment understands this and focuses on eliminating any down time caused by late delivery of equipment or parts. Solutions to late delivery are very expensive as it calls for hiring equipment. When you order from Tristan Equipment, you are guaranteed fast delivery of not just Hitachi construction machinery Singapore but also other brand names like Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere, Nissan, and other established brands.

How Is Timely Delivery Guaranteed?

The timely delivery of such massive equipment needs expertise, the right partners, experience and dedication. These are the four cornerstone of operations at Tristan Equipment. With unrivalled expertise, experience and dedication in the processing or orders and actual handling of the equipment, the company has been successful at offering services that are beyond client expectations. Strong partnerships with shipping industry players, as well as customs offices in different countries, helps expedite every single order.

If you know of a company that can give an assurance of delivering on all the above, you are definitely in good hands. Tristan Equipment is the one! Contact us NOW!

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