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Hitachi Construction Machinery Product Range

Hitachi Construction Machinery is established and founded in the year of 1970. Ever since that year, the group already had been separated into various divisions. It also operated its different manufacturing facilities in Asia, United States and Europe. In fact, it is the market leader in the field of construction machinery. When it was still a part of Hitachi, the production of mechanical excavator was carried out by none other than Hitachi Construction Machinery.

In this regard, Hitachi Construction Machinery includes machineries and equipment from the operating weights of almost eight-hundred kilograms to seven-hundred forty-thousand kilograms. All of these equipments cover different functions such as grabbing, breaking, carrying, loading, digging, screening, crushing and cutting.

Prior to the main product it has to offer, it is none other than the hydraulic excavator. This also comes in various sizes from mini excavators to medium-sized excavators to seven-hundred eighty ton large excavators. They also market off-road dump tracks, other products and wheel loaders.

In addition to the product ranges, Hitachi Construction Machinery also provides for machines that can fit with different attachments that accomplish the engineering and construction tasks. The machines used are versatile, tough and safe. In the event that you need an engineering or construction project, it is never a wrong idea choosing for Hitachi Construction Machinery equipment.

Why Business Should Approach Tristan Equipment for These Heavy Equipment Parts

When looking for these heavy equipment parts, people should likewise approach Tristan Equipment as it is dedicated and has been widely known as a supplier for Hitachi construction machinery in Singapore. There is nevertheless a need to hesitate in asking help from the company. It carries stock of Hitachi construction parts such as control valve seal kit, pinion gear, main control valve, hydraulic pump, engine water pump, ignition switch and more.

Other product ranges they offer include bucket cylinder seal, bucket teeth, side cutter, piston, gear pump, fuel filter, O-ring and a whole lot more. In such a global market, investing in these machines comes with intricate skills and knowledge to be able to maintain them as well. Thus, their efficiency will be maintained and they will last for a lifetime.

Over at Tristan Equipment, they offer high quality parts and they are designed to be the best match for Hitachi machineries. The spare parts are also original and are sourced out from Hitachi construction machinery Singapore. Therefore, they can meet your standards and unique specifications for machineries.

In addition to the product range and other selections offered, they have been in the Singaporean market for years. Tristan Equipment is recognized in the industry and has many customers all over Singapore and in the regional countries. The best advice could also be offered prior to the purchase of the spare parts. With many variants of spare parts and models to choose from including consultants ready to offer their help, it is just right to turn to Tristan Equipment for help as the leading heavy equipment parts supplier! For sure, there will be no issues and problems from asking help and relying on them! Contact us Today!

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