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Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Parts Singapore

The range of Caterpillar products as follows:

Motor Graders: brake pads, seals, pumps, radiator cores, components for braking system, parts for: transmission, torque converter, frame and body, fuel injection.

Wheel Loaders: cabs, gauges, connecting rod and piston group, cylinder head group, valve mechanism group, crankshafts, fans, fan pulleys .

Excavators: rubber tracks, link pins, bucket links, seals, shims, tipping link, breaker steels, lynch pins.

Bulldozer: sprocket roller, top roller, track shoes, brake plate, bucket teeth, blade tilt.

Truck: cylinder liner, cylinder sleeve, engine bearing, belt tensioner, air filters, piston ring, turbo charger, piston kit.

Generator: crank shaft, air cleaners, cylinder liner kit, and engine liner kit.

Marine Engines: crankshafts, crankshaft pulleys, pumps, air cleaner, air inlet adapter, muffler, flange, oil filters, air start accessories, shafts.

Caterpillar product range

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