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Life is convenient when you have your own vehicle. It gives you the pleasure of commuting freely. A smooth night drive or a drive to the suburbs could be the best ever possible to get away from the city’s busy traffic.

A vehicle or car is a machine after all and there will be a time where in certain essential parts would wear out and may no longer perform the way it is before. Your Toyota vehicle or car is no longer functional unless you fix or replace that part. To a certain level parts would be readily available but at times you will run short of the stock. This definitely is going to add to your nightmare. Singapore is indeed a country where the population of Toyota cars is on the rise. Many people do own them and drive them extensively.

Extreme usage, which is unavoidable, pulls down the lifespan of a car drastically. Given the fact that neither vehicle or car can stay indoors, there comes a service requirement. The availability of Toyota service parts in Singapore is something to watch out for. Tristan Equipment deals with all Toyota car parts that are readily available. From the smallest to the largest part and also the smallest to the biggest car parts are available with us. Tristan Equipment will never let you go empty handed. Your vehicle will have the best from us. To mention a few Toyota parts supplies:

  • Land cruiser: ball joint air filter, shock absorber, fuel injector, rubber mount etc.
  • Harrier: oil filters, air filters, brake pads, rear axles etc.
  • Hilux: wheel spacers, steering dumper, axle dust seals etc.

These were just a glimpse of what our company is able to provide you with. You may not find another place where Toyota parts are readily available in Singapore. Leave the requirements of Toyota parts Singapore to us and we would definitely support you in all available parts to meet your needs.

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