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Hitachi Construction Machinery Singapore

Hitachi construction machinery was established in 1970 and since then, it has been the front runner in the field of construction machinery. It has many manufacturing facilities which are situated in three different countries; Asia, the U.S. and Europe. Hitachi construction machinery is known for using advance technologies and providing the right parts for your machinery. To say that Hitachi construction machinery is the main distributor of machinery parts won’t be wrong at all because it provides a wide range of machinery parts which are manufactured using advance technology. It’s headquarter is based in Japan whereas, there products are marketed all over the world successfully due to their global network.

Tristan Equipment can supply Hitachi construction machinery in Singapore, works for making your living spaces comfortable and efficient by offering you a solution to the machinery parts. Hitachi Construction machinery strives hard to provide you a protective environment, enriched living spaces and advanced architectural engineering by their improved technologies which make the machines you use work more efficiently. Due to their professional attitude towards their work, they provide their customers with new values by making improved machine parts. Hitachi construction machinery believes in the technology and wants to provide its customers with the most advanced technology, every time.

Tristan Equipment offers its customers with a wide range of machine products and some of them are listed below:

  1. Excavators:

One of the most globally distributed products of Hitachi construction machinery Singapore is excavator parts. The reason it is used all around the world is because the products which Hitachi construction manufacture are highly reliable and durable and this is why most people trust Hitachi brand when it comes to buying any machine parts and products. These excavator parts are built to be resilient and can still work perfectly under any severe working condition. It offers you the maximum productivity by making these machine parts firm and solid.

Hitachi construction machinery also has a wide range of excavator products which are listed below:

  • Pinion gear
  • Control valve seal kit
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Main control valve
  • Engine water pump
  • Ignition switch
  1. Wheel loaders:

Tristan Equipment also provides wheel loaders parts to its customers which are very safe. They make sure that the products are environment friendly and durable. Following are the wheel loader parts which Hitachi construction machinery Singapore offers you:

  • Bucket teeth
  • Bucket cylindrical seal
  • Gear pump
  • Piston
  • Side cutter
  • Link pin
  • O-ring
  • Fuel filter

Due to the trust which Tristan Equipment has earned by providing high quality machine parts  around this region, people always rely on them and tend to order the construction machinery  products. Other than machine equipment parts, Tristan Equipment also provides a wide range of heavy equipment parts which are easy to use, for example dump trucks, compaction equipment, attachments and applications. It provides premium quality equipment which can operate weights from 800 kg to 740,000 kg and which cover all the types of function a machine can do. Contact us today for more information on our range of Hitachi construction machinery Singapore.

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